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René Gorter

René has an in-depth knowledge of the world of Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation. He completed his degree in Technical Physics in 1993, with a specialization in control technology, and spent the following years familiarizing himself with the world of industrial automation. Servomotors, robotics, and drive technology are the areas in which René particularly excels. He is known for his ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances, and for his persistent pursuit of practical solutions to problems.

Sharp on the details

Every project presents its own unique challenges, but René particularly enjoys working on new construction projects, where the goal is to create something new from scratch. Much of the success of such projects depends on getting things right from the very beginning, which is why René and his colleagues at AvezA are always careful to pay attention to even the smallest details. René is committed to getting things right the first time, which means that he puts in a great deal of effort on behalf of both himself and his clients. Since joining the team in 2013, René has completed numerous projects and has become a versatile and accomplished engineer. 

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