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Proactive for Manders Automation

At Manders Automation, they don't shy away from specific tasks. This was also the case when it came to the conversion of a production line in a short time, which required temporary capacity expansion. So Manders Automation called in AvezA. As a result, the project was successfully completed, according to Mark Pubben, project manager at Manders Automation.

"A complete conversion within two months. There was quite a bit of time pressure on this project, which required specific knowledge of Mitsubishi control technology. And let that last one be one of AvezA's expertise. The collaboration between us and the end customer went very well. While we were working on the functional design, AvezA provided a clear description of the software functionality of the machine. And very proactive, which works well with so much time pressure. If I had to describe the engineers of AvezA? Flexible. Solution-oriented. And practical, too. Focused on a good result for everyone."

Mark Pubben - Projectmanager Manders Automation

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