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Working at AvezA is contributing to the finest projects

You like to do what you're good at. Simple. Yet there is more. Because work only really becomes fun when you know what it delivers. When you see what others gain from it and where it is applied. Imagine, therefore, that your knowledge contributes to German car brands benefiting from the best turbochargers. Sounds good, right? At AvezA, then, it's exactly what we do that characterizes our way of working. The software we program is indispensable for the often most beautiful projects. And good back-up is certainly welcome.

Will you join us?

Are you working as a software engineer within industrial automation? Do you already have a few years of work experience and like us have a passion for vision, motion and robotics? Let us hear from you, we would like to meet you. We too are software engineers. Just as obsessed with industrial automation as you are. And ready to combine our knowledge with yours. Working at AvezA means working in an honest, open and transparent organization. We offer you space, for example by offering you a course or coaching program. So that you can show yourself. Develop yourself. And always have the latest knowledge available, as an engineer of the future. 

Let's get acquainted

Interested in a good conversation? Want to know more about our projects and what your role is in them? Get in touch and ask us your questions. We are curious!

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