Aveza Industrial Automation

We make automation work

We are AvezA. 
Engineers for vision, motion and robotics.

How do you stay ahead in the manufacturing industry? Do you wait and see what's coming or do you prefer to jump on all the changes that are happening at such a rapid pace? Modular building blocks, more emphasis on industrial standards: you see your opportunities. It's all about seizing them in a timely manner on the path to greater efficiency and yield.

Integration of the latest technology

Meet the engineers of AvezA. We develop software, specialize in vision, motion, and robotics, and bring these three elements together in customer-specific solutions. Challenging? Certainly, but that's precisely why we do what we do. We are involved technicians. Enthusiasts. Determined, too. Technology should not just move actuators but should actually work for you. And in that pursuit, we go far, motivated as we are to simply do it as well as possible.

Flexible with any platform

Especially now that the world of industrial automation is changing so rapidly, we want to contribute to process optimization at our customer. Consider, for example, a project at a medium-sized machine builder, with whom we prefer to sit down at the table as early as possible. We can work with any platform, which makes us versatile. Flexible. And experienced enough to know that you like to stay informed continuously. That's why we communicate clearly about everything we do. Call it a matter of taking responsibility. Of understanding what matters to you.

Experts in Mitsubishi and B&R

We are system integrators who provide support to you from engineering to service. We can do this within any software environment - and especially within Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation and B&R Automation. We have completed many projects with it, know the platform down to the smallest detail, and are aware of every new functionality. This means we can get to work with it almost immediately. 

Curious about what AvezA can do for you? Contact us, we would be happy to tell you more.

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