Aveza Industrial Automation

We make automation work

Our approach, as a partner for your project

Industrial automation involves a lot of technology, ranging from a photocell to a vision system, from valves and pushbuttons to robots and graphical user interfaces. It can be overwhelming for a technician, but you don't have to worry about that when working with AvezA. We make sure that technology improves your processes, making them smoother and faster. Going the extra mile: at AvezA, we are happy to do it as a partner for your project.

Fast and versatile

Our team is small, which makes us fast with short communication lines. We each have our own backgrounds and specialties, which means you can rely on us for almost all software engineering within industrial automation. Moreover, and perhaps most importantly: we specify very clearly what we program. Forget the image of software engineers who only focus on what's happening on their screens. Instead, we keep you constantly informed, update you, and identify potential delays early on. Open, sharp, and committed: ultimately, that dedication may best characterize us.

Our approach to your project

No project is the same, and we understand that very well at AvezA. While one project may have clear specifications from the very beginning, another project may be less defined. Therefore, we tailor our approach to your project. We are familiar with the traditional V-model, but we also use an 'agile' approach like scrum if this better suits your needs. Different methodologies, but there are certainly similarities. We always think along with you, stay involved, and take responsibility during every phase of the project.

Familiar with industrial standards

We are familiar with industrial standards and have worked with them extensively. We use them to structure and modularize your production line or machine, helping you save on software development and maintenance costs and achieve a lower cost of ownership.
For example, PackML is a standard for the packaging industry that results in a uniform state of the machine and thus makes it easier to get insight in the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of a line or machine. More efficiency, more yield: we know how to use industrial standards to achieve your desired results.

AvezA: also for outsourcing

Software engineering can be challenging, especially when it requires specific knowledge, or when you need temporary capacity expansion. You can rely on AvezA. In addition to projects, we also offer outsourcing assignments for industrial automation and can work with virtually any programming language and software platform. Think of us primarily as experts in Mitsubishi, B&R and Siemens, but also in brands such as Allen-Bradley, Beckhoff and other CODESYS based platforms.

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