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Modification for Mitsubishi

The machinery of Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine Europe in Almere has been expanded. It includes assembly machines, one of which the company recently converted. Mitsubishi provided the electronics and mechanics itself and worked with AvezA for the control technology. With success, says Jaap Jan Meijer, project leader for product engineering at Mitsubishi. 

"AvezA knows our world, we work together with their team frequently. The engineers are very strong in working in a planned manner, which is evident in the specifications in the functional design. Once that is in place, they build it out in great detail. Moreover, AvezA's knowledge extends beyond just PLC software. The team is versatile and dynamic. Ultimately, changes always occur during a project. It is important to handle them flexibly, which is something the engineers of AvezA are capable of."

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