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Werner Arts

Werner understands the importance of service and support when it comes to machines. He knows that a machine needs to be robust and reliable, but also easy to maintain and repair if something goes wrong after delivery. Werner has a broad perspective on things, but he is also detail-oriented. He listens carefully and documents everything thoroughly to ensure that there is a record of all important information. Werner is a team player with an accurate and accessible work style.

Passion for software

Werner graduated from the HTS Electrical Engineering program with a specialization in automation. He gained experience in the food industry, working for large companies. Later, he completed a part-time course in Information and Communications Technology. Werner is skilled in various software platforms, including B&R, Beckhoff, and Rockwell. He has experience with vision projects and keeps a close eye on developments in higher-level programming languages, especially as they integrate with more traditional programming languages. Such a variety of software applications, all those possibilities: it ensures that Werner can daily exercise his passion for software with great pleasure.

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